The Stars are Watching


The year is 4091 and humanity has expanded into the stars. While humans still live on Earth, it’s own resources have been completely tapped out and a majority of humans live outside of their mother solar system. About a 3rd of the milky way galaxy has been populated by humans.

The Inner Sphere planets are those closest to earth. Humanity has existed there at this point for generations. Most of them scrape by existing largely on charity from planets in the still resource rich Outer Sphere. Those home worlds closest to earth have long been drained of any useful resources.

Wealth is easily sought though by expanding out into the universe. Humanity has a healthy middle class consisting mostly of starfarers. The extremely wealthy though tend to live in massive space stations made into paradises by controlling every aspect of their environment. These stations can exist anywhere in the universe and are themselves capable of faster than light travel but tend to reside in The Outer Sphere where those that live in them obtain their wealth.

Since the advent of faster than light travel, technology hasn’t really changed much. Most of what you would see in this distant future would still look much like what you would would find on earth today. Notable exceptions are robotic and cybernetic technology, better energy gathering and storage, and of course FLT. One of the major limitations in the universe is communication. Data cannot be sent faster than the speed of light on it’s own so it must be physically carried on star ships across the vast distances that span one planet to another.


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